About Us

Sanctuary is a gathering of people who seek to encounter God within the Christian Tradition as we embrace the historic Church’s common life and practice.*


We are a community of seekers who strive to speak faithfully and generously about God’s work in the world (the Kingdom). We believe this constitutes “good news” and seek to communicate that news in loving, welcoming, and gracious ways to all God sends into out midst. We are people of the Spirit, believing faith is beyond the grasp of mere human effort. Hence, we are in pursuit of encounters with the Spirit for the purpose of empowerment, love, and liberation.

To that end, as a community:

  • We follow the way of Jesus for our own growth and development, but also for the good of the city.

  • We gather to celebrate the ways God has won in us, and acknowledge the ways we have resisted that—ways we have not loved God with our whole hearts or our neighbors as ourselves. We do not embrace shame or guilt, but we do embrace honesty.

  • Jesus Christ is central to our worship as we anchor our shared life in his story and teachings.

  • We actively engage Scripture.

  • We respect the unique journey of every person who is cultivating a sincere “YES” to the Spirit.

  • We participate in the Sacraments of historic Christian worship.

  • We invite all to life of prayer, both using our own spontaneous prayers and the prayers written by others (by the saints who have gone before us as well as our own Sanctuary parishioners).

  • Because the nature of faith is not certitude, we welcome a warm and living “Fruitful Confusion” in our spirituality - a feeling that our commitment is genuine and our understanding is still growing.

  • We welcome saints and those not nearly so under a banner of support and love. If all is well with you, we welcome you to a place of encouragement, challenge, and inspiration. If your faith is weak and your life is failing apart, we welcome you without judgment and will stand with you in the midst of your struggles. We believe that the corporate “us” connects with God’s grace more effectively than the singular “me.”  

  • We believe faith is as corporate as it is private. No one should do faith alone.

Sanctuary is just that—a sanctuary. You will feel safe. Safe to believe or to wrestle with doubt. Safe to overcome or be overcome. Safe to see hopes fulfilled or to weep if your hopes are dashed. Safe to live well or not so—without the threat of judgment. We don’t "do” judgment. We think God is the only one authorized to judge anything. Our role is simply to love—to be a sanctuary for all. 

If any of this seems good to you... welcome to Sanctuary!

*Sanctuary Church is a member of the Diocese of St. Anthony — a missionary diocese of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC). We submit to the episcopal leadership structure (bishops, priests, deacons) and are an expression of the Anglican Communion with our clergy trained in the Anglican tradition.