Sanctuary Counseling Center (SCC) provides individual, family, marital, and premarital counseling to Tulsa and the surrounding communities. The staff at SCC desires to make counseling services available to all persons who are committed to the process of health and wholeness. Therefore, the SCC’s goal is to offer affordable counseling to persons unable to pay for traditional counseling services.

About SCC Therapists

SCC therapists are either 

  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC),

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT),

  • Counselors possessing a Masters degree in counseling and working towards licensure,

  • or Masters Level counseling interns

Donation Suggestions

The minimum donation amount suggested for each 45-50 minute general counseling session is based on a sliding scale from $20 to $60. Annual combined family income is used to determine one’s appropriate donation amount.

Less than $20,000 = $20
$20,001 to $40,000 = $30
$40,001 to $50,000 =$40
$50,001 to $60,000 =$50
Greater than $60,001 = $60


For more information on SCC:
Phone: 918-986-4741