Epiphany Home Blessings


Epiphany (which means “manifest”) is a season to remember that God’s work in our lives isn’t just for us, but that it must somehow find its way out there, allowing the light of God’s love to move beyond our hearts, pouring into our relationships, our neighborhoods, and the wider world.

In the West, this season is most often associated with the visitation of the Magi and the gifts they bring to the Christ child.

In the East, it connects with the baptism of Jesus, and the first miracle of water being turned into wine. All of these stories present us with something beautiful and mysterious being revealed about God in Jesus Christ.

Epiphany is about manifesting Christ “out there,” beyond our inner experience of God. One of the traditions that has emerged in this season focuses on our homes as a source and place of blessing.

Blessing our homes is a rich and vivid way to refocus our hearts on the important calling to take the light of Christ beyond our personal experiences, beyond our church services, and into the world. At the same time, we mark out our homes as a place for hospitality and respite; both for the individuals who live there and all the guests who are welcomed here.

Sign ups for Home Blessings is now closed. For questions please email Pastor Paul Paino.