sky kids

our mission

Our mission at Sanctuary is to partner with parents to teach children foundational truths that will help them to become fully devoted followers of God.

we affirm that sanctuary is called to:

  1. Provide experiences in a nurturing environment that build a foundation for faith and relationship, empowering them to receive and respond to God’s love and salvation.
  2. Provide systematic and balanced Biblical instruction that connects Christian principles to contemporary experiences.
  3. Support and empower families to fulfill their responsibility in the spiritual development of their children.
  4. Recognize and foster children’s spirituality and unique gifts.
  5. Provide a fun environment for children. We believe creating this fun environment provides a path for our children to feel welcome and increase participation in learning about God’s Word.





Enter the SKY Kids zone and be welcomed by our greeters at the computer kiosks.
A greeter will help you and your child through our secure sign-in process via computer.  A security sticker tag is given to the parents for each child. This tag is used to pick up the child and to page parents out of the service if needed.  The child’s last name and number on the pick up tag will be displayed on the main screen located at the front of the sanctuary.
Please pick your child up immediately after the service by presenting your tag to the teacher/assistant.  No child will be released without this security tag.  It is very important that we provide the safest possible environment at Sanctuary Kids.
Each age group is supervised by a team of dedicated volunteers who serve Jesus by teaching and caring for your children.  Each team has a director and all of our volunteers are required to pass background checks.


storks landing

0 – 11 MONTHS

The infants’ room has children’s music, changing tables and supplies, age appropriate toys, infant walkers, swings, and rocking chairs. At this age, children are learning about God through the love and nurture of their parents and care takers. Volunteers in this classroom are trained to show the love of God to your children through the care they show for them and are encouraged and pray for them as the spend time in the classroom.

glacier island

12 – 24 MONTHS

The toddlers’ room has many age-appropriate toys, CD’s, activities, and books. When children arrive, they are encouraged to play together. Children will also be given a snack and spend time listening to a Bible story and sing songs that encourage their trust in God’s love. Our goal for the children in Glacier Island is for them to experience God’s love and gain a foundational knowledge of basic Bible stories.

space station

2 – 3 years

At this age, children are discovering their faith through the faith of their parents and caretakers. Our volunteers are trained to set a positive example for the children as they teach them basic Biblical principles and behaviors of living a Christian life. This classroom provides children with a fun place to play and grow with other children their age. During service times, the children will be given free time to play with age appropriate toys, puzzles, and books. Children will spend time singing songs together, will have a snack, and will listen to a Bible lesson.

rain forest

4 years & kindergarten

Children at this age are still learning their faith through example and are also ready to begin to apply the Biblical principles they are learning to their day-to-day life and behavior. Children in this classroom are encouraged to play and participate in group activities that help them to connect Bible stories to their own experiences. they are taught a Bible lesson and participate in discussion to guide them into discovering how to apply what they have learned. They will also be given a snack, learn a memory verse, have praise and worship time, and create a craft that relates to their lesson.

beach club

1st – 5th grade

The children in the Beach Club classroom focus on their place as members of the Church. Children discover the lessons and applications that can be learned from Bible stories and apply them to their purpose as Christians. During the Beach Club service, students participate in praise and worship, play games, learn a full lesson, memory verse, and more. This class is a fun environment for school aged children to discover their calling as members of the Kingdom of God, to bring God’s Kingdom to earth.

nursing mothers


We have a Nursing Mother’s room available in our children’s wing. this room is a relaxing setting with comfortable chairs, a TV playing the main service, a changing table and supplied for mothers of new babies.


7th – 12th grade community

IMAGO exists so that students would be encouraged to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. We are here to encourage, give hope, and show love to students. We seek to develop relationships with students and their families, and do life together. Our leaders strive to be examples in students lives through relationships to and help disciple students as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our heart is to not simply provide “programming” to raise “good boys and girls.” We are a safe place to be broken. A safe place to ask questions. A safe place to seek Jesus and find refuge. We are family and all are welcome to the table.

On Wednesday nights, we gather at Sanctuary Church and learn from the teachings of scripture and Orthodox Christian tradition. We have a commitment to sincerely minister to each other, to students, and to their families through the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

simply sisters

what is simply sisters?

It’s about simply being who we are – sisters in Christ. We are of all ages and in all stages of life.   At Simply Sisters there’s  no pressure, no need to perform for anyone, or look just right. It’s all  connecting with other women leading real lives and sharing our lives, our hearts and hopes with each other.

The purpose of everything that we do in Simply Sisters is to refresh, encourage and inspire!  And…. to remind each other of the incredible love that God has for us.  He accepts us just the way that we are as imperfect human beings, knowing that we haven’t “arrived” yet, but that we are striving to grow more and more into His image.

Some of our annual events include a fall women’s retreat, the Mamas in Pajamas Holiday Extravaganza in November (where we come in pajamas, shop, get holiday tips and kick off the holiday season.)  We have an annual Christmas brunch, we participate in the If Gathering and we have various small groups and Bible Studies, and other events at different times throughout the year.

The first Monday of every month is Ladies Who Lunch.  We meet at The Ripe Tomato in The Market at 81st and Harvard and just have a time of casual conversation over great food! This is the perfect way to meet new people and get involved.

And….throughout the year, we have FlashMob events.  These are spontaneous events that we communicate via text.  It may be going to a movie, having coffee or going to dinner!

Ladies, are you over 50 or maybe an empty nester? Do you like to spend time with glamorous, wise and fun women? We are starting a new group just for you! Whether it’s bowling or Bible study, we want you to hang out with us. More info, contact Bobbie Harper at

men’s ministry

our mission

our mission is to create an environment where men can experience a transparent and fulfill God’s charge in Micah 6:8, to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before Him.

second saturday gatherings

On the second Saturday of each month, the men of Sanctuary are invited to participate in a one hour gathering. We throw down a hearty breakfast, spend time around our tables connecting and catching up and then receiving a “FRED” talk from a special speaker. FRED stands for Faith, Relationships, Enterprise and Direction. This 20 minute talk speaks to one or more of these issues in our lives as men. Each gathering concludes with a short discussion time and prayer.

service projects

As men, we all have gifts and talents that we can bring to bear in the Kingdom. Several times a year, we give our men opportunities to use our talents together to share the love of Christ in a practical way with others in our community. It may be helping with repairs in the home of a widow or helping to clean up a neighborhood in a neglected part of our city.