All of us live by stories.

Stories that shape who we are.

Think about it: when you’re getting to know someone for the first time, what do you do?

You begin to tell your story.

And you don’t just share any details.  You share the details that illustrate how you got here, the details that help make sense of who you are, where you’re going, and what you value right now.

Here at Sanctuary, we live by a story.  It shapes our life together, informs who we are and what we value, and guides our journey.  We welcome you to listen.  This is our story.

In the beginning…

To understand our story, you’ve got to go back.  Way back.  To the beginning.

We believe that God’s creation—all of it—was created good, and charged with the Creator’s life.

God’s dream was that human beings would care for and cultivate his good creation as his representatives—his image-bearers.  In this way, the creation would be filled with goodness, life, and beauty.

But the first humans sinned, turning from God, and through their sin brought death into the world.  Death began to undo the goodness of God’s creation, making it a terrifying place, filled with chaos, fear and uncertainty.  It was cursed (Genesis 3).


God’s plan was to call together a group of people to push back the curse and bring his blessing into the world (the Israelites).  They were to fill the world with goodness, beauty, and justice as they followed God’s way.

Sadly, like the first humans, Israel too turned from God, and like the creation, their life began to unravel.

But the prophets hoped for and spoke of a day when God would renew the wayward hearts of people, overcome death once and for all, and restore his people to their calling to bring God’s blessing into the world.


The Christian story is not the only one being proffered in our world today.

The narratives of individualism, pluralism, relativism, materialism, and consumerism bombard our culture on a daily basis.

The result is that many feel lost, rootless, disoriented.

We believe, therefore, that the best thing believers can offer people is not a church service or program, nor is it “truth” in the abstract, but the opportunity to embrace a way of life—one that is lived out in community and based on the conviction that the way of Jesus is the best possible way to live. We are extending the call for them to engage with us in God’s mission to bring redemption to the world. This is how we help people resist the dizzying pressures of our culture and give them a sense of rootedness, meaning, and purpose.

Sanctuary is a tribe of people committed to this end. We don’t believe Sanctuary is the church; it is an organization that exists to rally the church and to challenge its members to kingdom mission. Though we work hard to organize transformational worship gatherings, small groups, outreach, and the like, we believe that the real work of God is done as the kingdom of God extends into the “space” that each believer inhabits: home, family, work, relationships, and the culture-at-large. In the final analysis we don’t exist so people come to a place called “church”; we exist to help people be the church.

Our dream is to challenge all to embrace this way of life so the kingdom of God can break into every space that Christ-followers inhabit, transforming this broken world for the glory of God.

We welcome you to join the tribe.



We believe the prophets’ hope came to pass in Jesus of Nazareth—God, who mysteriously became man, taking on the power of sin and death in the cross and overcoming it in his resurrection.  Through Jesus, God has begun to make all things new. God’s good creation, once unraveling, is now being restored.

And we believe we’re part of the project.

The New Testament claims that the church is that group of people who have embraced the way of Jesus, who have tasted his life, who have been sent into the world to announce that through Jesus everything is being restored, and who are working for that restoration now in their homes, in their families, at their jobs, and in their communities.

For that reason, we refuse to embrace an escapist spirituality, hoping for heaven as this world spins out of control.  Instead, guided by our conviction that through Jesus God is reclaiming his world, we embrace a spirituality characterized by:

Faith, in the God who is able to overcome everything that unravels our world.
Hope, that one day his restoration project will finally be complete.
Love, for God, for people, and for the creation that God so desperately loves.

That story in itself makes the church an unusual group of people.